We use art to express ourselves and to speak to others across time and place.

The visual arts have been used to educate, persuade, commemorate, and problem solve. Students in art classrooms are called upon to use their creativity to solve problems and to express their ideas.

We encourage students to investigate the field of Visual Arts in complex and rich ways, providing opportunities to explore contemporary and historical art. Students practice in different expressive forms. We encourage interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of Visual Arts, developing their skills into mastery of making into Senior studies. Students will graduate from their Visual Arts classes with a professional product, a masterpiece they can keep and cherish into the future as well as an understanding and appreciation of artistic endeavours.

Provides the opportunity to experience different expressive forms from 2-dimensional drawing experimentations in the subject of landscapes to expressive printmaking works with images of self. They then advance to 3-dimensional form and clay monsters to looking at objects of their world and cubism.

Is dynamic and engaging with students producing professional products in self-portraits, still life’s, printmaking, skateboard designs and contemporary sculptures.

Enables students to develop skill and understanding in photographic techniques and editing as well as completing a stop motion film and music video.

Students produce a body of work and practice like a professional artist but also think conceptually about meaning and concepts of their world whilst studying historical and contemporary artists.

This course provides students with opportunities to explore the links between art and design by designing and making images and objects in which aesthetic qualities and symbolic meanings are as important as utilitarian function. Students learn to inform their own design work through critical and historical study of designed images and objects made by others.

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through the making of photographs, and/or film and other time-based works and/or digital images that lead to and demonstrate conceptual and technical accomplishment. Critical and historical investigations of the work of artists/photographers/filmmakers are considered and used to inform student photographic and digital artmaking practices.