The College charges an inclusive Tuition Fee for day students which covers most known activities. Our Senior School Boarding Fees include the respective Tuition Fees for each year group and most known activities.

The Finance Office will issue an annual fee invoice to all families in late January. This will be placed in the Parent Portal as well as being emailed. It is a condition of enrolment at The College that all fees are paid by Direct Debit or Credit Card. The invoice will contain a link to SentralPay where families are required to set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment schedule via Direct Debit or Credit Card commencing in February and ending in November each year. Any payment schedule put in place must ensure that at least 25% of the annual fees are paid each term.

Families can access their account balances and statements via SentralPay. Any additional charges throughout the year will be invoiced separately and will require payment via Sentral Pay within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

Please contact the Accounts Receivable Officer on (02) 4629 4112 or at ar@stgregs.nsw.edu.au for any questions relating to fees and payments between 8.00am and 4.00pm weekdays.



The College does allow the use of external school fee finance providers such as Edstart who are an approved provider.

Edstart can provide families with longer payment terms than the College is able to provide. For example, Edstart has a product called Edstart Extend, which allows approved applicants to spread their payments out for up to 5 years after their youngest child has finished their schooling.

Families should always seek their own financial advice before using an external school fee finance provider and this mention of Edstart is not a recommendation, it is simply a referral. For families wishing to use Edstart Extend the College will subsidise 50% of Edstart’s annual service charge e.g:1.5%.

To find out more about Edstart you can visit via the link below or call them on 1300 139 445. If you have any queries, please contact Edstart on 1300 139 445 or chat with their team at contact@edstart.com.au