Confidence, resilience and teamwork are just some of the skills young people gain through participating in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. These are skills that help them through life and improve their chances of advancing further in education or getting a job.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a leading youth development program that empowers an exploration of your son’s full potential. The program is voluntary, flexible, interesting and fun. Program are individually tailored to incorporate four key areas: Physical Recreation, Skill, Service and Adventurous Journey.

Through this challenging journey of self-discovery, our young men:

  • Are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best
  • Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices
  • Become connected to, and actively engaged within their immediate community
  • Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement
  • Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success
  • Learn important life skills
  • Increase their career opportunities.

St Gregory’s offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to interested students who will work towards achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards with the support of a network of supervisors, mentors and teachers.