This is done through Orah, which is the management tool that St Gregory’s College has adopted to improve communication between parents, carers, boarders and the College staff.

If you have any queries, please contact Miss Danielle Sherd email

All medical appointments need to be communicated through the College Nurse and your Stage Boarding Coordinator. The College Nurse will manage all appointments including transport, follow up and parent communication, in consultation with the Stage Boarding Coordinator.

All contact details for staff can be found on our College Directory.

The College has its own ATM in the Finance Department and the students are able to access the machine during lunch; Monday to Friday.

Boarding students can be contacted after school and at any time out of the allocated study times and before lights out.

Badgally House is our onsite accommodation for parents and carers. It features six rooms with varying layouts, including ensuite and shared bathroom arrangements. Located within the senior school grounds, it is a perfect place for a short stay whilst visiting your son or attending school events.