Since St Gregory's College began in 1926 it has provided the opportunity for boys to board at the College. Today, St Gregory's College offers a number of boarding options to meet the needs of boys and their families.

Full-time Boarding

This is the most common boarding option, in which boys live full-time at the College and participate in the whole range of boarding activities. As well as the regular school holidays in the school year boarders have one weekend each term designated a 'Free Weekend’. This provides an opportunity for the boys to spend an extended weekend at home during the school term.

Weekly Boarding

This option allows your son to board on weeknights and return home for the weekends - Sunday/Monday - Friday.

Extended Day Boarding

Boys can participate in the boarding routine from Monday afternoon through to Thursday afternoon. The boys return to school on Friday morning as a day student.

Students are able to stay at the College and participate in all after school activities including sport, study including accessing tutors and dinner. Parents pick students up at the conclusion of dinner.

Casual Boarding

Boarding as required for a family’s particular circumstances such as one or two nights a week or short term stays.

Trial Boarding

Any current day boys that would like to experience boarding life at the College are able to do so for two weeks, free of boarding fees. During this time the boy and his family will be able to assess if boarding is the right option for them.