Orah is the management tool that St Gregory’s College has adopted to improve communication between parents, carers, boarders and the College staff.


Based on modern cloud software, the status of each boarder is kept track of, whether ‘in house’ or on leave. Individual details of boarder’s life in the dorms can be put into the app and synced with the supervisors on duty. The aim of the system is to ease and to improve the collection of information so that a clearer picture of each boarder’s wellbeing can be recorded and reported back to parents.

One of the main benefits of the system is how parents can create an Orah account to request leave for their child, simplifying the process of informing the coordinators.  Also, through each Orah account, parents are able to review off campus activities of their child over the year.

"Orah gives our parents and staff peace of mind and confidence that we know where our students are"

Independent Review from G2 Crowd

An active email address is required to sign up to Orah. We will continue to contact parents directly regarding leave permission until an account is created. Once you are able to use Orah we hope that you find it much simpler to request leave and keep up to date with your son’s activities here at St Gregory’s. Boarders will soon create their own accounts to apply for off campus leave and activities. The goal is to maintain and hopefully improve parent’s involvement in decision making regarding their son’s activities and also increase accountability for our staff.

You can use Orah with any web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or laptop. The status of each boarder is quickly apparent to our coordinators and boarders’ details can be input ‘on the go’.

If you are a boarder or parent then you will be receiving an invitation to sign up to Orah in the very near future. Throughout the adoption of Orah, your child’s care and information privacy are our top priorities.  If you have changed your email address or want to ask about how St Gregory’s will be using Orah, please email Danielle Sherd at boarding@stgregs.nsw.edu.au . For any technical help please contact: support@orah.com