Enrolment Process

Day Students 

Year 7

  • The date for the College Open Day 2018 - 18 FEBRUARY 2018
  • An Enrolment Information Evening will be held on WEDNESDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2018 AT 7.30 PM in the Br Luke Hall at St Gregory's College
  • Enrolment application packages will be provided to parents/carers at the Enrolment Information Evening
  • The closing date is 23 March 2018 for the return of all applications together with $50 application fee
  • All students interviewed during the first week of May 2018
  • All successful applicants notified by Letter of Offer and acceptance documentation sent out upon receipt of the Confirmation of Enrolment Fee and Confirmation of Enrolment Form.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Fee of $500 which is non-refundable, must be returned by the due date as per the Letter of Offer.

All applications for Year 7 which are received after the official closing date will be noted as 'late' and will be perused and interviewed only at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Download a copy of the Enrolment Procedures - TBC


Enrolment Criteria

Priority will be given to (in order of preference):

  • 1. Brothers of students at the College and children of current staff members
  • 2. Catholic students from Catholic schools
  • 3. Catholic students from other schools
  • 4. Children of Old Boys
  • 5. Further enrolments at the discretion of the Headmaster

Additional considerations:  The enrolment interview, willingness to comply with College rules and expectations, the date the application is submitted.

Day Students 
Year 8-12

  • Applications for day students for Years 8-12 may be made at any time.  Application packages are available by emailing the Registrar  at:
  • The application package provides a list of all documents to be returned together with a $50 fee.
  • The returned documents will be perused and an interview arranged at the discretion of the Headmaster.
  • Successful applicants will be notified after the interview and acceptance documentation provided.
  • Acceptance documents to be returned to the Registrar with the $500 'Confirmation of Enrolment' fee which is non-refundable.

Should an interview not be provided in the first instance, you may be able place your son's name on a waitlist pending availabilty.

If you are considering applying for Year 11 it is advisable to apply as early as possible so as to maximise your son’s subject selection options. 

Please note that subject selections for Year 9 and Year 11 take place early in Term 3 with our current students and the appropriate information will be sent out at this time.


Boarding Students 

Applications may be obtained by contacting the College Registrar on 4629 4269.  
See the Boarding pages on the website for further information about boarding options or contact the Director of Boarding on 4629 4222.

Contractual Agreement

With respect to attendance at non-government schools, the relationship between the school authorities and pupils is a contractual one. As a result, pupils can be required (according to the contract) to wear the school uniform, to adopt certain hairstyles in keeping with the schools ethos, and observe certain practices. Pupils may be suspended or asked to leave the school if they fail to comply with school authority directions.

The school authority has a choice whether or not to enter into contractual relations with any particular parents/guardians/carers and may refuse to admit a child to the school, subject to any other statutory rules.

Parents wishing to enrol their child at St Gregory’s College are given a conditions of enrolment form which outlines various behavioural expectations. The student is then required to sign an agreement form which is witnessed by his parent(s)/guardians/carers.



Headmaster - Damien Millar

Personal Assistant to the Headmaster: Kate Stott
Phone: (02) 4629 4130  Email:

Head of Junior School
Joel Weekes
Phone: (02) 4624 2700

Personal Assistant to Head of Junior School - Daniela Romeo
Phone: (02) 4624 2700 | Email:

General College Enquiries to:
Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm
Phone: 02 4629 4222

Fax: 02 4628 1594


Enquiries for school fees and charges to:
Finance Office
Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm including school holidays
Phone: (02) 4629 4112
Fax: (02) 4620 0485
Email: or

Enrolment Enquiries - College Registrar - Kate Stott
Phone: (02) 4629 4130
Fax: (02) 4620 0485


Uniform Shop
During School Term
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm
Phone: (02) 4629 4270

Communications and Community Engagement - ​Melissa Watts
Ph: 4629 4133

Development Assistant - Mary Stepien
Phone: 02 4629 4132






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Thank you for your interest in enrolling at St Gregory's College, Campbelltown. As a boarding and day school with a strong reputation for achievement St Gregory's provide a broad range of opportunities for all students.

The College offers a number of flexible enrolment options.

For further information, please contact the College Registrar 
Telephone: 02 4629 4269 | E-mail: