Archived School Communication Term 1 2017

Letters to Parents and Carers - Term 1 2017

Listed below is correspondence sent to Parents/Carers for this Term 1 2017

Year GroupDateSubjectSenderDocument
Year 723 JanuaryYear 7 Laptop Info EveningMr PernaPDF
Whole School24 JanuaryWelcome Term 1Mr MillarPDF
Year 24 JanuaryWelcome Term 1/Day 1Mr MillarPDF
Whole School24 JanuaryRoads and AccessMr MillarPDF
Whole School24 JanuaryGregory Hills MapMr MillarPDF
Whole School24 JanuaryCanteen OperationMr MillarPDF
Whole School24 JanuaryCanteen Menu 2017Mr MillarPDF
Boarding Year 724 JanuaryYear 7 Boarders CommenceMrs StottPDF
Boarding Yr 8-1124 JanuaryYear 8-12 Boarders CommenceMrs StottPDF
New Day Students24 JanuaryNew Day Students 8-11Mrs StottPDF
Year 1124 JanuaryYear 11 Information EveningMrs KeeganPDF
Whole School25 January2017 Fee Policy and ChargesMr LiddellPDF
Whole School30 JanuaryPastoral Care NewsMr VetranoPDF
Year 102 FebruaryMessage from Year CoordinatorMr DixonPDF
Whole School3 FebruaryCollege Musical 2017Mrs DeinPDF
Year 73 FebruaryVaccination ProgramMrs StewartPDF
Whole School6 FebruaryParent VolunteersMrs DeinPDF
Year 1113 FebruaryTVET Courses 2017Mrs DeinPDF
Whole School13 FebruarySwimming CarnivalMr LantzPDF
Year 716 FebruaryYear 7 CampMr WilsonPDF
Whole School16 FebruaryRugby Union Rego and GamesMr SpencerPDF
Year 716 FebruaryYear 7 Homework ClubSean MabinPDF
Year 1016 FebruaryCommunity Service ProgramMrs ClarkePDF
Year 1017 FebruaryWe're Halfway There Cocktail Mrs JeffcoatePDF
Year 1117 FebruaryCommunity Service ProgramMrs ClarkePDF
Year 817 FebruaryYear 8 Boys and BlokesMrs JeffcoatePDF
Year 917 FebruaryLetter from Year CoordinatorMr HoganPDF
Whole School17 FebruaryNavigating the Parent PortalMr PernaPDF
Whole School20 FebruaryCamden BusMr BrennanPDF
Year 1221 FebruaryDesign Tech ExcursionMr BonfieldPDF
Year 1122 FebruaryMax Potential ProgrammeMrs DeinPDF
Year 722 FebruaryYear 7 Twilight DanceMrs DeinPDF
Whole School22 FebruarySave the Date M & B DanceMrs DeinPDF
Year 7, 8, 924 FebruaryYear 7 to 9 Junior DanceMrs DeinPDF
Year 117 MarchYear 11 Excursion 11TTA/BMr HartnettPDF
Whole School7 MarchCross Country CarnivalMr LantzPDF
Year 79 MarchYear 7 Camp ReminderMr WilsonPDF
Select Students10 MarchPermission Camden ShowMr HarrisonPDF
Select Students10 MarchPermission Moss Vale ShowMr HarrisonPDF
Year 713 MarchGrandparents Day Flyer/AcceptMrs JeffcoatePDF
Year 1120 MarchVET Meeting 28 MarchMrs WallPDF
Select Students21 MarchPermission Sydney RoyalMr StefanskiPDF
Year 1224 MarchYear 12 Half Yearly ExamsMr GrahamPDF
Years 7,8,9,127 AprilPoetry in ActionMrs GardinerPDF
Year 97 AprilYear 9 Activity DayMr HoganPDF


Headmaster - Mr Damien Millar
Personal Assistant - Mrs Daniela Romeo
Phone: (02) 4629 4130

Head of Junior School
Mr Joel Weekes
Phone: (02) 4629 4194


General Enquiries to:
Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm
Phone: 02 4629 4222
Fax: 02 4628 1594

Enquiries for school fees and charges to:
Finance Office
Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
including school holidays
Phone: (02) 4629 4112
Fax: (02) 4620 0485
email: or

Enrolment Enquiries to:
College Registrar
Phone: (02) 4629 4269
Fax: (02) 4620 0485


Uniform Shop
During School Term
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm
Phone: (02) 4629 4270

Foundation Office
Development Officer 
Mrs Kate Stott
Phone: 4629 4133

Development Office Assistant
Ms Mary Stepien 
Phone: 02 4629 4132






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Thank you for your interest in enrolling at St Gregory's College, Campbelltown. As a boarding and day school with a strong reputation for achievement St Gregory's provide a broad range of opportunities for all students.

The College offers a number of flexible enrolment options.

For further information, please contact the College Registrar 
Telephone: 02 4629 4269 | E-mail: